Assertive communication training for Japanese professionals

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Assertive communication training for Japanese professionals

Your company’s success largely depends on how well your employees communicate with one another as well as with customers. Effective communication saves time and costs at the organizational level, while making your workplace a better place to work for the individual employees.


Win-win communicationOur communication training program is especially designed for Japanese employees as well as non-Japanese people to be able to express themselves assertively in multicultural work environments. Assertive communication is a type of communication based on mutual respect and the goal of win-win relationships.


This program not only gives step-by-step instructions on how to handle specific situations but also addresses some of the ideas and beliefs that might block Japanese people from being more assertive due to cultural, social and gender-specific expectations.


The program consists of lecture, coaching, and role-playing exercises. The entire course – or certain parts – can be presented in either English or Japanese, to meet your company’s individual needs.




At the end of our program, your employees will be able to:

  • Identify different communication styles: passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive.
  • Learn about the ideas and beliefs behind each style.
  • Learn the relationship between communication and stress and how to manage stress.
  • Improve self-esteem and respect for different viewpoints.
  • Effectively give and receive positive feedback.
  • Deliver constructive criticisms that might help others improve.
  • Effectively handle criticisms.
  • Know how to say no while respecting the other party.
  • Negotiate in a win-win mode.
  • Positively confront a particular individual to solve a conflict.
  • Coach others to improve their performance.



If needed, we can also cover the following topics to meet your organization’s or employees’ specific needs:

  • How to converse with ease (small talk)
  • Quick tips for giving a to-the-point presentation.


 This course can be tailored to any format including but not limited to:

  • 2-day workshop
  • Full-day workshop
  • 90-day online program (highly recommended to see substantial change in communication patterns)


Each participant will receive:

  • A workbook on each topic
  • Hands-on training using role-playing exercises


90-day program participant will receive:

  • MP3 files for auditory learning to supplement information covered in the coaching sessions
  • Email followups
  • 5 online training sessions



profileRika Villasenor

RK Communications

Waseda University BA , University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri School of Journalism Toastmasters International

Previously worked as a visual journalist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and technical translator


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